Team Effectiveness Profile - Online Assessment Credit

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This credit allows you to distribute the Team Effectiveness Profile Online Assessment to yourself or a participant of your choice. One credit per participant, required.

If you have purchased a single credit you'll receive an email that contains a link to complete the assessment, once your order is processed. If you require this single assessment link to be sent to someone other than yourself, please put a note when ordering.

If you've ordered multiple credits, we will contact you with your portal access details for you to distribute assessments to your participants (Project set up available if required. Please see below)

Now Includes Group Reporting at No Additional Cost

Administrators can now generate an aggregate report in addition to each participant receiving a self-report. There is no run-time cost associated with the group report, and no additional cost to access it.

You can add any number of people (from a single team or business unit, for example) to a single assessment project. (Purchase one credit for each person.) Each person will receive their own, personalised report. Additionally, TEP offers the option of generating a group report, whereby individual results from one project are aggregated into a team or group score.

Comparing individual scores with the team profile is of particular benefit to a struggling or underperforming team. Individual contributors as well as team leaders can use the group profile along with the individual scores to identify gaps in how members of the team view performance. This can help isolate specific blockages on a team and open up a dialogue on what the team can do to move forward.

Online Team Assessment contains:

• 50 Statement inventory

• Personalised full colour report

• Interpretative Guide

• Group discussion questions and activities

• Action planning guide.

Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) helps teams learn how to surface, diagnose, and work through the issues that impede effective teamwork. For more than 15 years, the Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) has helped teams eliminate or reduce blockages in the 5 vital areas of team activity: Mission, Vision, and Goals; Team Roles; Operating Processes; Interpersonal Relationships; Interteam Relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

• Identify issues that block effectiveness

• Reduce or eliminate problems that can drain a group’s energy

• Maximise the group’s productive efforts

How It Works

The TEP has been designed to function as a self-administered learning instrument. The TEP yields an overall Team Effectiveness Score as well as separate scores for each of the 5 areas indicating the general health of the group and blockages that hinder team effectiveness.

Uses for the TEP

Appropriate for any type of team and all levels of team members and leaders, the TEP can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as a component in a larger team-building programme. The TEP can be used to:

• Measure pre-team building conditions

• Orient new teams to potential problems

• Unblock struggling teams

• Determine post- team-building results

We recommend administering the TEP periodically, as issues will change over a period a time.

Format Online Assessment
Objective To diagnose and work through obstacles to effective teamwork
Audience Individuals and teams at all levels
Time Required 2 Hours
Author HRDQ Research & Development Team