What's My Style? Facilitator Set

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Identify basic personality styles with What’s My Style?, a quick and memorable learning instrument that's appropriate for every person in your organisation. (Now includes Personality Style for Dummies, & Personality Style at Work)

A quick and memorable learning instrument that’s appropriate for everyone in your organisation. By responding to a simple 18-item inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of four basic behavioural styles, how a preferred style affects behaviour, and how to capitalise on strengths/combat weaknesses to create greater success in their lives.

Learning Outcomes

• Pinpoint one of four style preferences

• Discover how style affects behaviour

• Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of each style

• Learn how to interact with different styles


What’s My Style? and the other titles in the HRDQ Style Series are based on the well-known research and personality theories of psychologists Carl Jung, William Moulton Marston, and others. Most research has identified two basic dimensions of style, which we refer to as assertiveness and expressiveness. Assertiveness is the effort a person makes to influence or control the thoughts or actions of others. Expressiveness is the effort that a person makes to control his or her emotions and feelings when relating to others.

How It Works

Participants respond to 18 pairs of adjectives, using a pressure-sensitive. After scoring is complete, easy-to-read charts allow respondents to quickly scan the strengths and trouble spots that characterise their particular styles.

The Facilitator Guide provides PowerPoint® slides and instructions for conducting a training workshop that includes an activity that allows participants to practice using flexibility when working with other styles. The final exercise, “Capitalising on Your Style,” offers a framework for positive personal action planning.

Uses for What’s My Style?

This instrument makes an effective stand-alone tool to develop better self-awareness and communication. What’s My Style? also makes an effective component in training programmes for a wide variety of topics, including:

• Team Building

• Leadership and Supervisory Skills

• Negotiating Skills

• Diversity

• Decision Making/Problem Solving Skills

How to Order What’s My Style?

Order one Facilitator Guide per trainer and one Participant Guide per participant.

Facilitator Guide includes:

• Administrative guidelines

• Background information

• Workshop outline with step-by-step instructions and activity

• Preparation checklist

• Optional activities to conduct using StylePlay - 12 Group Card Games

• Alternative training designs

• Blank training outline

• Sample copy of Participant Guide

• CD-ROM containing Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and reproducible masters (Certificate of Achievement, Training Evaluation and overhead transparency masters)

• Convenient binder format

• Sample copy of Personality Style for Dummies

• Sample copy of Personality Style at Work.

Format Instrument
Objective To identify behavioural style
Audience All organisational members
Time Required 1 hour
Author HRDQ Research & Development Team