The Visionary Leader-Other Questionnaire


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Code: 903B
Helpful in building a more realistic view, creating a bridge between leaders and followers. This gives respondents feedback that helps round out their self-assessment and build authentic visionary leadership success. There are 3 feedback response forms in each booklet.

Build on the followers feedback

To help give a more realistic view, and create a bridge between leaders and followers. The Visionary Leader-Other Questionnaire provides your participants with feedback that helps round out their self-assessment and create real opportunities to build authentic visionary leadership success.

Now all of your managers can assess their own leadership behaviours and characteristics and identify specific ways to improve their leadership effectiveness. This research-based instrument helps leaders determine what changes or further skill development are required for them to make full use of their capabilities for visionary leadership.

The Visionary Leader-Other Questionnaire

Using both the 'Self' questionnaire and 'Other' questionnaires (filled out by 3-6 colleagues), leaders are able to gain an accurate 360° assessment of their leadership style in three critical areas:

• Use of Visionary Leadership Behaviours

• Personal Visionary Leader characteristics

• Overall impact on their organisation.

The Questionnaire is made up of 50 items measuring 10 key leadership scales

• Focus (the ability to focus people’s attention on the key points of his/her vision)

• Communication (use of basic effective communication skills)

• Trust (consistent behaviour)

• Respect for self and others (giving people unconditional, positive regard)

• Risk (engaging in rational risk-taking)

• Bottom-line orientation (belief in one’s bottom-line impact on the organisation)

• Empowerment (use of power and influence to empower others)

• Length of vision span (thinking clearly over relatively long spans of time)

• Organisational leadership (having a positive impact on helping the organisation adapt to change)

• Cultural leadership (developing those values that will strengthen organisational functioning).

Format Questionnaire and booklet
Objective To help leader effectiveness by identifying the strengths, limitations and impact of their leadership style
Audience All leaders
Time Required 1 hour
Author Dr. Marshall Sashkin