Personal Effectiveness Inventory Second Edition Facilitator Set

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Newly updated in line with the Second Edition of the PEI. Comprehensive guide for trainers, includes downloadable PowerPoint slides and a copy of the participant workbook.

Improve Personal Productivity and Time Management

Juggling increasing workloads and home/work demands means that everyone has to make sure that they are as productive as possible. However, unless we stand back occasionally to review our personal effectiveness, it is easy to do the wrong things or do things incorrectly.

The Personal Effectiveness Inventory provides a quick ‘health check’ to ensure that we are being both efficient and effective. Using a clear, easy-to-score format, the Personal Effectiveness Inventory helps the user identify effectiveness in managing 5 elements of personal productivity. The individual scores generate a personal profile that clarifies areas of strength as well as opportunities to increase effectiveness.

The Personal Effectiveness Inventory provides feedback on:

• The use of ‘free’ time and how to ensure that this is used productively

• Handling interruptions and coming up with strategies to manage them rather than feeling powerless. Also recognising that they are sometimes self-induced!

• Prioritising workloads to differentiate between the urgent and the important, as well as identifying work that should be delegated or put in the bin!

• Use of others and others’ resources to ensure that appropriate delegation and team-working occurs

• Organisation in terms of self-discipline and structuring support systems to ensure that they work for the individual.

• All arrives in a handy box file for ease of use and storage.

• PowerPoint presentation download.

Also included is a sample copy of the Personal Effectiveness Inventory Participant Activity.

Format Self-scoring questionnaire
Objective To improve Personal Productivity
Audience All organisation members
Time Required 50 minutes
Author Resource Wizard