Learning To Listen - Online Self-Assessment Credit

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This credit registers you for one individual use of the Learning To Listen Online Self-Assessment to a participant of your choice. You'll need to purchase one credit per participant. After your order is processed, you'll receive an email that contains a link to complete the assessment.
Learning to Listen is a communication assessment and soft-skills training programme that measures both visible and invisible listening skills. This listening skills test helps individuals to develop their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses so they are better equipped to handle customer complaints, negotiate contracts, manage teams, and more. Learning to Listen is a great foundation for any communication skills training programme.
This purchase enables registration for a single use of the Learning to Listen online assessment. Individuals receive an email message containing an access link. Results are generated immediately upon completion and a personalised report is promptly delivered to the assigned email address.
Individuals are presented with an inventory of 30 statements that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Results reveal scores in three dimensions of listening.


• 30-item online inventory

• Personalised, full-colour report

• Your Results

• Listening Dimension Profile

• Listening Effectiveness Scale

• Interpreting Your Results

• Understanding the Assessment.