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Communication Style Inventory–Self

To be completed by the target person. An easy-to-use assessment instrument which effectively pinpoints communication behaviour patterns. ONLY 17 AVAILABLE.
Code: 3022A
Category: Instruments

Identifying behaviour patterns

Effective communication enhances interpersonal relationships, builds trust and teamwork, prevents costly mistakes, motivates and gets things done. Identifying their own communication behaviour patterns is a key first step in enabling managers, supervisors, employees or team members to become more effective communicators.

The Communication Style Inventories measure behaviour patterns according to the four most commonly used communication styles: aggressive, avoiding, accommodating and collaborative. Both the Self and Other Inventories feature a self-scoring device. CSI – Self also includes an interpretive reading and series of diagnostic questions to make scoring meaningful.

Products specifications
Format Instrument
Audience All organisation members
Time Required 25 minutes
Author Kenneth R. Phillips