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581/2 Ways to Improvise in Training

In this book, the author has captured the essence of great teaching artistry for all who want to maximise their effectiveness as educaters.
£18.99 £9.50

Coaching for Results Assessment Instrument

Designed to act as an indicator of coaching skill development need. Evaluate yourself and request your manager evaluate you. ONLY 7 AVAILABLE.
£2.35 £1.18

Coaching for Results Participant Workbook

This Skills-Based Workshop is designed to help you develop the skills necessary to be a successful coach and to prepare a plan to put those skills into practice. ONLY 15 AVAILABLE.
£12.50 £6.25

Communication Style Inventory–Self

To be completed by the target person. An easy-to-use assessment instrument which effectively pinpoints communication behaviour patterns. ONLY 17 AVAILABLE.
£8.10 £4.05

Facilitating Win Win

This comprehensive resource guide provides practical tools to support the shift to collaborative negotiations. All materials are on the accompanying CD so that mediators can create customised manuals for the members of their negotiating teams.
£109.20 excl VAT £54.60 excl VAT

Interviewing With INSIGHT

Effective employment interviewing using the INSIGHT Inventory. ONLY 24 AVAILABLE.
£13.40 £6.70

Jungle Escape 4th Edition Extra Participant Booklets

Extra Participant Booklet (4th Edition while stocks last) ONLY 22 AVAILABLE
£10.12 £5.06

Mission 2020 Facilitator Guide

One of a number of business-oriented simulations available from AVIAT. Designed for the purpose of building better communication skills and enhancing individual contributions in a team setting while introducing sound concepts for conducting meetings.
£16.00 £8.00


Designed to help you and your team examine the issue of accountability.
£5.95 £2.98

TeamAccountability Facilitator Guide

To help teams gauge how accountable their team members are and to learn how to build accountability into their daily teamwork. ONLY 3 AVAILABLE.
£22.50 £11.25

The AMA DISC Survey

Designed to measure and provide personal feedback on the ways that people approach their work and relate to others within their organisations.
£11.00 £5.50

The Brainmap

A simple yet powerful tool to help you understand your own thinking and also that of your friends, customers and colleagues. ONLY 3 AVAILABLE.
£10.50 £5.25