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Personality style is an integral part of many training sessions. ONLY 24 AVAILABLE.
£9.10 £4.55

Group Process Questionnaire

Group Process Questionnaire - Turning Awareness into Skill. Because Adventure Simulations need to be more than a 'fun experience', the debriefing is the key to achieving effective learning. ONLY 19 AVAILABLE.
£4.75 £2.38

Communication Style Inventory-Other

To be effective this needs to be completed by 3-8 people who have first-hand knowledge of the target person's use of the four communication styles. ONLY 57 AVAILABLE.
£3.80 £1.90

Profile of Leadership Opportunities Assessment

A 60-item self-scoring Assessment Tool for Leaders to identify opportunities to boost employee performance through leadership.
£8.60 £4.30

Project Leadership Assessment Participant Guide

This is an innovative learning instrument that focuses on the necessary 'people skills' by evaluating behaviour in five vital skill areas. Perfect for anyone who has project management responsibilities, regardless of title or reporting relationship to the project team. ONLY 22 AVAILABLE.
£13.45 £6.73

Recognition Practices Inventory

Move from subjective feelings to objective analysis of actual behavioural practices with this complement to the Recognition Practices Inventory for Leaders. ONLY 24 AVAILABLE.
£6.70 £3.35

The SuperTeam Journey

Create the magic and motivational techniques of the very best from our new research into the unstoppable teams 3 AVAILABLE
£69.50 excl VAT £34.75 excl VAT

The Team Memory Jogger™

A 164-page mini-guide for team members which helps you take advantage of the rewards offered by team membership and work through the challenges that may arise. ONLY 14 AVAILABLE.
£12.00 £6.00

Customer Service Skills Inventory-Other

This version generates external and/or internal customer feedback. ONLY 12 AVAILABLE.
£3.30 £1.65

Customer Service Skills Inventory–Follow-Up

Tracks performance improvements. ONLY 19 AVAILABLE.
£7.65 £3.83

Group Process Questionnaire Facilitator Guide

Provides instructions for administering the questionnaire, guidelines for scoring and interpreting scores, and prescriptives for improvement. ONLY 1 AVAILABLE.
£14.95 £7.48

Project Leadership Assessment Feedback Form

Purchase one Feedback Form per project team member. ONLY 36 AVAILABLE.
£7.10 £3.55