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TeamAccountability Facilitator Guide

To help teams gauge how accountable their team members are and to learn how to build accountability into their daily teamwork. ONLY 3 AVAILABLE.
Code: 254G
Category: Assessments

Who's accountable for the team's work?

The notion of accountability used to be a simple one: individuals were held accountable to their organisation for their own work. TOday we work in teams. Who's accountable now? TeamAccountability clarifies this elusive concept and drives home it's importance to achieving team excellence.

Team members generate individual and group-average scores in 4 areas:

1.  Personal responsibility
2.  Accountability to the team
3.  Accountability to the organisation
4.  Accountability to customers.

Team members then pair off to give and receive feedback on their perceptions of one another's accountability.

Target groups

Team Accountabilityis appropriate for all levels of teams. It can be used with new teams to begin the discussion of accountability or with intact teams that want to improve team member and total team accountability.


Parts 1 and 2 can be completed in 5 - 10 minutes. Part 2 and 3 each require 30 minutes or longer for discussion. TeamAccountability can be self-administered and self-scored. Complete directions are contained in the instrument book.