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Workscale analyses the individual's response to the work situation seeking to identify those factors that give pleasure or pain, create peace of mind or pressure, result in power or poverty. A simple set of ten questions helps participants to recognise the balance - or lack of balance - between the things that satisfy them and those that frustrate them at work.

Workscale/Lifescale Facilitator Guide

The comprehensive trainer guide, Listening Power, describes how to use the Lifescale or Workscale either within a Listening Power workshop or as part of other development events.

Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile Participant Activity (FREE PDF SAMPLE)

Free Sample Available (LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER) Self-scoring instrument Second Edition. Provides you with information about how you seek to influence others.

The SuperTeam Journey

Create the magic and motivational techniques of the very best from our new research into the unstoppable teams 3 AVAILABLE
£69.50 excl VAT £34.75 excl VAT